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    Welcome to Sysmax Global Logistics online portal. Providing the highest quality logistics services and exceeding customer expectations has positioned us as one of the largest and most respected Transport and Logistics companies in Kenya..

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    Unsurpassed Results: World Class solutions to Logistical Challenges, Excellent, reliable Integrated Services and Top-Quality Supplies that meet and exceed Client’s needs

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    “Our goal is to provide superlative oilfield logistical solutions, efficient, reliable and integrated Services and top-quality that meet and exceed our customers’ needs

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    We have a great wealth of knowledge in the shipping industry due to the long experience we have in the freight forwarding business. Precise and Impartial Approach to clearing and forwarding



On and off the road, in and out of the warehouse, we develop the solutions to meet your needs–sometimes before you even know what you need. No one goes the extra mile like Sysmax Global Logistics Providers  does.

Put simply, Sysmax Global Logistics  has the expertise, the networking , the technology, the commitment, and the creativity it takes to make things move–and move smoothly–for your business, wherever it may take you. Talk to us about how we can make light work of your load today. We are available 24/7

We will arrange for Warehousing in most major regional centers by procuring for you-:

* Pick and Pack
* Pallet Racking and open floor storage
* 24 hr handling
* Management of Stock Inventory
* Stock control

* Pallet/Parcel Scales
* Vehicle
* Weighbridge
* Manned security

The state of the 3rd party warehousing and handling facilities available in the ports of Mombasa and Nairobi are designed as complete physical distribution and warehousing service centers. We are networked to take advantage of those facilities.

Benefits of these regional warehouses-:

* Seamless distribution
* Reduced total costs of delivered goods to customers
* Access to expertise in local markets

* Improved focus on core competency
* Improved returns on low capital base
* Risk reduction - market entry and exit

Studies have shown contract warehousing costs are 15-20 percent lower than stand-alone warehousing because multiple companies share the expenses. Sysmax Global Logistics provides a systems integration to insure that warehousing services are cost effective to you.

The experience of our top-notch staff, helps us best manage your inventory, minimizing product damage.