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    Welcome to Sysmax Global Logistics online portal. Providing the highest quality logistics services and exceeding customer expectations has positioned us as one of the largest and most respected Transport and Logistics companies in Kenya..

  • What We Offer

    Unsurpassed Results: World Class solutions to Logistical Challenges, Excellent, reliable Integrated Services and Top-Quality Supplies that meet and exceed Client’s needs

  • Our Mission

    “Our goal is to provide superlative oilfield logistical solutions, efficient, reliable and integrated Services and top-quality that meet and exceed our customers’ needs

  • Our Experience

    We have a great wealth of knowledge in the shipping industry due to the long experience we have in the freight forwarding business. Precise and Impartial Approach to clearing and forwarding

Our Approach


Our Approach?
It is refreshingly different. In line with modern Professional Practice, we’ve embraced the rapid changes in our industries’ philosophy of efficient and effective operations, unparalleled Customer relations, un-equaled Personnel Safety, uncompromised Personnel and Assets Security, gratifying Projects and appropriate Technology engagement. We have developed these unique, field-tested services and logistics which distinguish us from our competitors and coupled with our rich human capital, our understanding of the different and diverse projects requirements, diverse Culture adaptation and our noble Projects Management Methods, We guarantee world class services.

How Do We Achieve our Unsurpassed Competitiveness? Through;

“Partners not employees”. Our Team combines outstanding operational and management experience in Logistics, Supplies Procurements and handling. Effective teamwork ensures that Sysmax Global Logistics clients derive the greatest possible value from knowledge and insight at our disposal. We respond promptly to your needs and inquiries and achieve rapid turnaround for projects across the globe. We are positive, receptive and never afraid to liaise closely with our clients and crews in order to better understand their issues. You’ll find us operationally focused, up-to-date, enthusiastic and diligent team players keen to work to your advantage.

We are driven by our customers’ needs, we strive to exceed expectations, fulfil our obligations, gain respect through ethical practices and continually improve our performance in all areas. We Value our Clients, we carry out our business exceptionally well.

Working together with local and International companies, striving to meet the highest levels of safety and environmental responsibility, ensuring a strong commitment to our local community

We mean what we say and say what we mean. We take responsibility for our actions as individuals and as a team

Cost Reduction:
Through Planning and execution of the most cost effective logistical solutions available and provision of services that meet and exceed all project targets and milestones at optimal costs.

The people, experience, systems, procedures and safety focus to provide our clients with peace of mind that their Logistics, Services and supplies requirements are being managed safely and effectively.

Guaranteeing that the needed Logistics, Services and Supplies are delivered to the right location, at the right time and in the right manner to allow our clients execute their projects effectively. This is done through strong Planning and tight control of our activities.

Development of comprehensive Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements to ensure that our success factors are inter-linked to our clients’ success factors. Our Success is measured by the success of our Clients.

What do we offer?
Unsurpassed Results: World Class solutions to Logistical Challenges, Excellent, reliable Integrated Services and Top-Quality Supplies that meet and exceed your logistics needs. This is our differentiator, and always will be!